Contributions to the Centre and blog

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Centre for Medical Education Research then please get in touch via the details on the ‘about us’ page. Alternatively, why not look at our Special Interest Groups page and make contact with a group convenor.

For those interested in contributing to our blog…
This blog aims to engage as many readers as possible in a dialogue about medical education pedagogy and research. In addition to calls for papers, conference announcements and other items of interest, we aim to publish a wide range of reviews, reports and ideas pieces on all matters associated with medical education.

If you would like to contribute to the blog, please get in touch. Contributions are invited from academic researchers and postgraduates, clinical, healthcare and arts-in-health practitioners, writers and undergraduate students.

We welcome posts in any of the following formats:
Announcements of events, seminars and recent publications
Calls for papers
Reviews of books, films, exhibitions and conferences
Reflections on healthcare policy and practice
Short ‘ideas pieces’ profiling current and future research
Editorial/opinion pieces, especially on topical issues
Photo essays

To contribute, please contact Dr Gabrielle Finn (

Please note that we do not publish posts related to medical products or corporate interests of any kind.


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