‘Learning to Doctor’: exploring the role of non-clinical, community-based placements in medical education and practice

Follow Dr Simon Forrest’s adventures through the Australian outback by accessing his blog at http://learningtodoctor.wordpress.com

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New Editor-in-Chief appointment

Dr Simon Forrest has been appointed as the Editor-in-Chief for the Higher Eduation Academy’s journal Health and Social Care Education.


Simon will be issuing a call for submissions for the Autumn volume now and would welcome contributions either from you or your colleagues including students. The deadline for submission will be around the end of May.

 The Centre wishes to congrtaulate Simon on his excellent achievement.

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New publications

Durham and Southampton have collaborated to research the use of ultrasound within anatomy teaching. Drs Sawdon and Finn have been working with Dr Michael Griksaitis and their latest publication is now out in the European Journal of Anatomy titled, “The additive effect of teaching undergraduate cardiac anatomy using cadavers and ultrasound echocardiography”.

Drs Swamy & Searle have published a new paper on the use of SimMan in clinical skills teaching. This article is published in BMC Medical Education.  Swamy et al 2013, The role of SimMan in teaching clinical skills to preclinical medical students. BMC Medical Education 13:20.


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Associate editor appointments

Dr Marina Sawdon from the Centre for Medical Education Research has been appointed as an Associate Editor for the journal BMC Medical Education.  Marina’s research interests involve investigating the use of an electronic remote audience response system (KEEpad) to assess students’ knowledge, professionalism, the use of ultrasound in teaching and peer evaluation. 

Dr Gabrielle Finn has been appointed Associate Editor for the journal Anatomical Sciences Education. 

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A successful Medical Education conference…

The Eighth Teikyo Symposium: 25-27 July 2012

In July 2012, the Centre for Medical Education Research at Durham University and Teikyo University at Durham hosted the Eighth Teikyo Symposium: ‘The Role of the Doctor: Past, Present and Future’.

With 100 invited delegates from the local, national and international clinical education communities, the symposium featured three days of presentations and discussions.

Visit our centre website where you can download the abstract booklet. 


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