Special Interest Groups


The Centre for Medical Education Research has a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) working on collaborative research and shared best practice across a broad range of topics. The groups and the associated convenors are listed below. If you wish to contribute to a SIG then please contact the convenor of the group to register your interest. Convenor contact details can be found on the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health website https://www.dur.ac.uk/school.health/phase1.medicine/staff/

Groups and convenors:
Simulation – Dr Marina Sawdon
Revalidation – Professor John McLachlan & Professor Jan Iling
Inter-professional learning – Dr Simon Forrest & Dr Andy Husband
Substance misuse – Dr Andrew Chaytor
Professionalism – proposed convenor will be contacted
Anatomy pedagogy – Dr Gabrielle Finn
Workplace culture (e.g. bullying) – proposed convenor will be contacted
Internationalisation – Dr Sharyn Maxwell
Pharmacy Education – Dr Andy Husband
Technology Enhanced Learning – Dr Marina Sawdon & Ms Emma Crawford
Community based medical education – Mr Paul Crampton & Dr Simon Forrest

Any other enquiries relating to SIGs can be sent to Dr Gabrielle Finn (g.m.finn@durham.ac.uk)


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